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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This just had to happen, isn’t it? The Premier League has officially become a two horse title race now. Soccer purists should have certainly seen this coming. By now everyone knows it, I know it, you know it, supporters of certain London based clubs also know it .With Spurs, Chelsea, Newcastle United and Arsenal fighting it out for the Champions League spot and Liverpool looking like a shadow of their former selves, nothing can possibly stop the silverware from ending up in Manchester. But to which part of Manchester? And do they really deserve it? Amidst all the talk as to who is the hungrier of the two teams and the affinity that Balotelli has for controversies, it has to be noted that both the teams have blown hot and cold time and again for most part of the season. Both of them have been total shit in Europe with City being a tad unlucky. This is certainly not what you expect from the table toppers of arguably the most difficult (read hyped) league in the world.
City for the most part of this campaign have read like a blueprint of how to win the league ripped straight from Sir Alex Ferguson’s handbook:
Play badly and win. When was the last time City were really good? Their 3-0 win at Stoke was a good result without a good performance, so you probably have to go back to the 5-1 against Norwich City ages ago to find a match when they truly played like the best team in the country.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An Italian looking to weave his magic. EURO 2012 preview : Republic of Ireland

Heartbreak is a long forgotten Irish feeling

18th November 2009, proved to be one of the cruelest days in the history of Irish football. After having overcome a 1-0 lead that France had achieved in the first leg, Ireland took Les Blues all the way to extra time, to decide which of these two sides would be travelling to South Africa the following summer. In the dying minutes of extra time, a blatant Thierry Henry handball went unnoticed and a French equaliser was allowed to stand. The Irish returned home teary eyed and heartbroken, while the French lived to fight another day.