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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Radiant Spurs, Disgraceful Milan...

Tottenham returned to the San Siro once again this season to play AC Milan and hoped to avoid a drubbing they received earlier in the season playing Inter Milan, though they did score 3 goals courtesy Gareth Bale. But with the superman missing out through injury, Spurs would have had to play out of their skins to continue their dream debut season in Europe and it was down to Peter crouch’s deft touch to give Spurs the edge going into the return leg at White Hart Lane.

Celebrations by Crouchy
Redknapp brought his team to Italy with a renewed spirit, qualifying through the group stage on top from a group comprising of defending champions Inter Milan and believing that they carry on their dream run. But never in the 1st half did they seem like they would be able to fulfill this dream. Even Milan did seem rusty, with the game being controlled in midfield and almost put me to sleep. Abbiati was stretchered off after suffering from a concussion and in came Marco Amelia who was making his debut for Milan, on loan from Genova. A boring 1st half was all the inspiration I needed to sleep, but I put this thought off considering all the high voltages clashes I have previously witnessed and hoping this one too wouldn’t disappoint.

At the start of the 2nd half Massimiliano Allegri replaced Seedorf with Pato hoping to induce more pace to the Milan side. And definitely I felt I had made the right decision to stay awake to watch a much improved game on the pitch. But on the disciplinary front Milan were a disgrace. Flamini went in two footed on Corluka and it was the end of the game for Corluka but not Flamini as he was shown only a yellow card. How the referee let him be on the pitch after such a horrendous tackle is still a mystery. To top it Milan players were disrespectful when Corluka was receiving treatment on the pitch. Flamini was seen pointing to the clock, indicating wasting of time when his rightful place was in the dressing room and not on the pitch. Gattuso did a Cristiano Ronaldo when he roughed up Spurs assistant Joe Jordan on the sidelines. Frustration was Milan main opponent and it was displayed all through by Gattuso trying to take down Crouch time after time after time. Maybe this small man was jealous of Crouch's height. In between all this the fiery Lennon breaks quickly leading a counter attack and my word, the Milan defenders were no match for Lennon’s raw pace and he unselfishly passes the ball to Crouch who put it coolly in the back of the net. Spurs were defending this lead with all their might and Milan almost snatched it with what was the last touch of the game when Ibramovich put the ball beyond Gomes’ reach. Unfortunately for him he fouled Dawson and the referee disallowed the goal. What a relief for Spurs which could have otherwise ruined their wonderful night. A deserved lead and the away goal will give Spurs a major boost when they play Milan back at home.
Where is the 'RESPECT'?
With the final whistle, chaos reigned once again as Gattuso went after Joe Jordon and head butted him. Though Gattuso has now apologized for his actions I don’t think he should be left off without a ban. It was shame to such a beautiful game. The tackle by Flamini was dangerous, really dangerous and if that wasn’t a red card I don’t know what else could be. It was a miracle to see him play the whole 90 mins. The refereeing was excellent except for the decision taken on Flamini's tackle and credit to Stephane Lannoy of France for getting most of his decisions spot on. Tottenham were on course to win over the 90 minutes and deservedly they are going into the return leg with a lead they would like to build on. Harry just wave your magic wand!!!!

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