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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Arsenal score against ManU keeping Chelsea's title hopes alive..

If there was one match most watched last weekend in the English Premier League it was Arsenal vs Manchester United ,not only for the old rivalry but also because this game would have decided if the title would go to Old Trafford for the 19th time or would it go down the wire possibly giving Chelsea a chance to fight for it and probably Arsenal to end their silverware drought. And it surely didn't disappoint fans of ManU's foes as Arsenal scored a lone goal to keep everyone's hopes alive.

Before the game ManU were brimming with confidence of an away win at Schalke in the Champions League and a win at the Emirates would have made their life easy for the rest of the season. However Arsene Wenger did have other plans. Despite Fabregas missing out due to injury Arsenal had a very good half despite not having anything to show on the scoresheet. A clear case of handball by Vidic in the box was missed by the referee which otherwise would have been a penalty and a big chance to mount pressure on the Red Devils. And they didn't have to wait for long in the 2nd half as an edge of the box finish from Aaron Ramsey ensured that Arsenal were up front and it stayed so thus ensuring that ManU wouldn't run away with the title. However close to the end a penalty appeal was turned down by referee Chris Foy as Owen went down after slight contact from Clichy. The ref would have surely not given this one to make up for the one he missed in the first half. A penalty at this stage to Manchester United would have caused a furore and further repurcussions were avoided except for the blabbering SAF who always will take on referees when results go against his side.

Besides Arsenal and ManU why was this game so important to Chelsea? What did they expect from Arsenal? Well, Chelsea after enduring a disastrous mid season found their way back claiming 25 points from the last 27, the most by any premier league team and for them to be in the title hunt it was important that Arsenal beat Manchester United so as to reach the peak of a mountain they had created for themselves. Arsenal did the job for them and tomorrow they need to continue the good work they have been doing since beating ManU on March 1st. It's not gonna be easy as ManU come off a wonderful mid week win over Schalke in the Champions League and also importantly having most of their players rested for that game. Though the game should be decided by the nature of play by 22 players on the pitch recently there have been accusations of games being decided due to desicions made by referees which certainly shouldn't be how a season should be remembered. Chelsea had their share of luck in the game against Tottenham where thier goals have been credited to errors by referees prompting Sir Alex to say that Chelsea title hopes are rested To negate all these the FA has appointed 39 yr old Howard Webb who officaiated the final of the world cup who is considered the best among english refs. He does have his share of controversies though which include not sending off Nigel de Jong for a Karate style tackle on Xabi Alonso in the final of the world cup and also a controversial penalty awarded to ManU against Liverpool in the 3rd round of the FA cup which ultimately was the only goal of the game. Irrespective of all this hoping to witness a cracker of a game and personally praying for a chelsea win. The wait does seem long, doesn't it... ;)

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