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Friday, December 16, 2011


It’s a trip to London this weekend as we head to Loftus Road to face a QPR side that have been solid at home. They are a very English side in the sense that they have a strong discipline and work ethic about them; they are very sound at the back and attack from the flanks with good wingers. 

Jamie Mackie made a comment that they will get into our faces in the game, well I don't want to make much sense from what the lad says, you can get into our faces as much as you want but at the end of the day you need to get the ball into the net to end up with something to show on the table and I don't think that will happen after the kind of resilient form we have shown away from home. Those classic defensive displays in grinding out 1-0 victories have made for a very impressive away column reading and it has already crossed the mark of last year. Well you already know that after the kind of woeful way we played away from home last season on our travels.

Midfield remains an area of deep concern for us going into the game and it does resemble the defensive  problems we had this time 2 yrs ago when there was no fit centre half available and Fergie played Carrick and Fletcher at the back only to be hammered  by Fulham at Craven Cottage. Personally I don’t see those kind of problems happening this weekend since Rooney can pull the strings from midfield quite admirably. Young kid who has a big head, yeah you got it right; Paul Pogba is expected to make the trip and play a part, wonder how much of an influence will the talk of the contract unrest have on his inclusion, but it’s good to see a lad graduating from the academy and with the kind of troubles we are in currently ,a couple of sound displays and those crying out for Fergie to spend in January will shut up.

Apart from this there was the distractions of the Champions league draw today; we were conspicuous by absence because of our antics against the usual journeymen from different Neanderthals of Europe who UEFA do a favor by including them. Well enough of that, Chelsea and Arsenal were awarded for their heroics in winning the group with ties against Napoli and AC Milan, poor guys. Lyon and Benfica have been drawn against ….well we don’t care who they have been drawn against, you dot need not lose your sleep over their games, nor of Madrid, Bayern Munich or Barcelona, these teams don’t even need to break sweat to  progress to the last 8.

We were although drawn against some side from Netherlands in that league that no one is interested in playing, yeah the same one where Harry Redknapp was caught last night making a gesture into the camera towards UEFA saying fuck you, well he made it look as if it was towards those fans but we have eyes that those blinds at Nyon obviously don’t. Ok, now onto business, we play Ajax in round of 32, and if you’re bothered to know more then i might be of no help. With such a lengthy and long process of this draw I fell asleep after our name came out of the pot !!!!!

That is it for know as i sign off. Enjoy your weekend and hopefully we will get the three points and pile more misery on our beloved neighbors who will pay their hospitalities to the goons this Sunday after our game at the Etihad.

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