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Sunday, December 11, 2011


I had been waiting all week if there would be a decent article this week from someone who really talks sense to come up with some sort of an convincing explanation about the demise of Manchester United in the UEFA Champions league. I had been waiting for a Gary Neville column or even some comments by Paul Scholes saying something that made sense about the demise, but out came nothing. These so called Red lads are Fergie worshipers and love their manager more than they do Manchester United, otherwise there would not have been a mum on their lips when the club crashed out of the UCL in midweek.
Instead we get to read a article in The Daily Mail about the title chances of Chelsea and the consequences for the club if they end up loosing to Manchester City. Really, was that all you could come up with Mr. Red Nev?? In a week of tumult when i have seen my best defender sidelined for a year and my club crash out of the champions league so disastrously, you come out and write a piece on Chelsea. You really are a Fergie worshipper and maybe love him more than you love the club Manchester United.
If you would have really had the balls then you would have taken a cue from your fearless leader in yesteryear captain Roy Keane and come hard on the reasons why the team crashed out from the UCL, why we were so abysmal in the campaign and why have we not been able to defend convincingly.
I dont know why are the Daily Mail paying you whatever they are to write those filthy articles about Chelsea's title chances. I would rather prefer to see you in a fight with Fergie for the betterment of United at heart rather than being involved in cheap verbal tirades with the inexperienced Andre Vilas Boas at Chelsea.

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