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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Managerial merry-go round

Roy Hodgson, Carlo Ancelotti, Gerard Houllier and Avram Grant- Four managers who will be missing a heartbeat everytime their phone rings, after last night's results. As for Uncle Roy, its something that he ll be used to by now. As for Houllier, we ll spare him the missing heartbeat-he has already taken taken time off from football in the past due to heart ailments, not surprisingly when he was managing Liverpool.

The three clubs in question, i.e Chelsea, Liverpool and West Ham, must be in a quagmire as to how to go about the firing process. The norm these days seems to be, sack the manager hastily as in Blackburn and Newcastle's cases (though not in these cases), install a caretaker and then plan on a long term process, which usually ends with the caretaker becoming the manager( there is an extreme dearth of talent on the manager front, apparently). And it seems to be working, atleast so far, considering the upturn of fortunes for Blackburn and Newcastle.

However, to make it easier for the clubs, here is a proposal. A managerial merry-go round.
Here is how and why it will work.

Ancelotti to Liverpool: Ancelotti would always have been more suitable at a more "European" club. He is afterall someone who won two European Cups as a player in the span of five years, then managed Milan to two and a half European cups(ask any Milan fan) between 2003 and 2007. This being the case, Chelsea was always going to be a misfit for Ancelotti. And Liverpool stastistically is as European as they get.

Hodgson to West Ham: Uncle Roy ought to have learnt his lesson already. He is made for the smaller, under achieving clubs, where he can atleast have the satisfaction of having the feeling of success, according to him, great success. He infact felt so overwhelmed with his achievements that after being sacked as Blackburn manager, he said "Of course, my track record, if people bothered to study it, would put me in the same category as [Sir Alex] Ferguson enjoys today(around 1998), but people don't talk about what I've done outside England". He apparently has great success in Sweden, Switzerland and the likes. So this particular move should be a no-brainer. A win-win for all.

Grant to Chelsea:Why was he sacked in the first place? He led Chelsea to their first and so far only European final, and he was not to blame for the loss("He" is still around!), and finished second in the league after Mourinho was sacked midway through the season. He merits a second chance, he might as turn their fortunes.

So, there you go. Spin the wheel!!!

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