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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Transfer Window Opened

With the month-long transfer window opening at 0001 GMT on 1 January we hear all sorts of rumours in various websites, tabloids and most importantly from our friends and colleagues whenever we talk about football but the critical - and beautiful - difference are the signings that will be made.. ;)

Everyone is invited to comment on this and have atleast one transfer news here.You can also mention who should be going where and what difference it could make to a particular squad. Please no references to any wesites, blogs or tabloids. No prizes for getting it right but one post will surely be dedicated to all who have got it right. :)

Remember not to start arguing with each other. Lets all follow the motto of FAIR PLAY.. :)


  1. Ok, here's a Liverpool related rumour. Apparently the club have been in touch with West Ham for Matthew Upson and Carlton Cole. Can't say I'm too thrilled with the news since defense is the least of the team's worries. From what I've seen Carlton Cole doesn't look too impressive. What the team needs IMO are new wide players with some genuine pace. Will post more when I get any news.

  2. Kaka to Chelsea? Heard this, read this. But this should be a sure no no. Age is not on his side and he is struggling with injuries. But with his association with Carlo at Milan seems like he might move to Chelsea which seems to be a bad choice.
    Bechkham for 3 months on loan can be a great move. Hope Carlo is listening. :D